Maurizio Bianchi/MB – Foggy Bleeding

Genre: Industrial, Experimental Electronic

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M. B. : bleedelectronics, fognoises, hemowaves, mistpictures.
Conceived and performed to become extinct of 2021 at Emoptyc studio in Opera (Milan), using sound fragments from the five-years period 1980-1984.
Infinite thanks to Pharmakustik for his misty remixing.
Remembering the hazy past with the hematic reality of the present…

MAURIZIO BIANCHI/MB – M. B. LIVE AT R.P.M. 01.01.1983 + MlifB

Genre: Industrial, Experimental Electronic

CDR – Contains the only Maurizio Bianchi live concert and a short inteview

Order directly from Maurizio Bianchi: maubia55 @

Also available on USB Pen Drive “MlifB” experimental movie by Maurizio Bianchi (37,00€ + shipping fee) – Order directly using the above e-mail

Maurizio Bianchi / Christian Di Vito – Submerged Sequencycles

Front Cover 2

Genre: Industrial, Noise, Experimental electronic

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Submerged Sequencycles is a split album by Maurizio Bianchi and Christian Di Vito.
Maurizio Bianchi is an Italian composer of industrial music, originating from Milan.
Bianchi began to release his own cassettes under the name of Sacher-Pelz in August 1979 inspired by the music of Tangerine Dream, Conrad Schnitzler and Throbbing Gristle.
He has been hailed as a pioneer of rhythmic noise and power electronics, creating harsh, disturbing, and fascinating works utilizing primitive drum machine rhythms, harsh distortion, and heavily modified found sounds.
Christian Di Vito was born in 1979 and spent his adolescence in the Rome hardcore – punk scene.
At the time he played electric bass, with an interest in electronic music, emulating artists of Warp and Rephlex labels.
In the early years of the new millennium Christian Di Vito began to create experiments with new sounds; heavily influenced by Xenakis, Scelsi, Ligeti he started a more mature musical research, taking care of a personal aesthetic of sound and creating meticulous compositions.
Di Vito has a big archive of field recordings, an activity he do also on an extra-musical level. He currently lives on the South coast of Rome.

Monoid – Crisis Culture


Genre: Dark Wave, Industrial, Electro

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Ten years ago the last full album of Monoid has been released. Back then “Crowd Control” dealt with the rising unrest of the societies we live in. A lot has changed in these ten years, today we became used to a daily level of terror in the middle of Europe, radicalization of ideas, massive forced migration and the corrosion of political values. The result is a crisis-centric culture fueled with fear and skepticism. Industrial music is a perfect vessel to reflect this, and the new Monoid album uses this potential in many ways. Mixing all the styles the project has been known to utilize, from dark ambient soundscapes via rhythm’n’noise to experimental and strange tracks, it addresses some of the small and huge crises that had an impact to the way we perceive our world. A fitting soundtrack for disturbing times.