Paolo Paolacci – Ad Vitam Reditus

Genre: Electronic

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Questo amore

Questo amore
Così violento
Così fragile
Così tenero
Così disperato
Questo amore
Bello come il giorno
E cattivo come il tempo
Quando il tempo è cattivo
Questo amore così vero
Questo amore così bello
Così felice
Così gaio
E così beffardo
Tremante di paura come un bambino al buio
E così sicuro di sé
Come un uomo tranquillo nel cuore della notte
Questo amore che impauriva gli altri
Che li faceva impallidire
Questo amore spiato
Perché noi lo spiavamo
Perseguitato ferito calpestato ucciso negato dimenticato
Perché noi l’abbiamo perseguitato ferito calpestato ucciso negato dimenticato
Questo amore tutto intero
Ancora così vivo
E tutto soleggiato
E’ tuo
E’ mio
E’ stato quel che è stato
Questa cosa sempre nuova
E che non è mai cambiata
Vera come una pianta
Tremante come un uccello
Calda e viva come l’estate
Noi possiamo tutti e due
Andare e ritornare
Noi possiamo dimenticare
E quindi riaddormentarci
Risvegliarci soffrire invecchiare
Addormentarci ancora
Sognare la morte
Svegliarci sorridere e ridere
il nostro amore è là
Testardo come un asino
Vivo come il desiderio
Crudele come la memoria
Sciocco come i rimpianti
Tenero come il ricordo
Freddo come il marmo
Bello come il giorno
Fragile come un bambino
Ci guarda sorridendo
E ci parla senza dir nulla
E io tremante l’ascolto
E grido
Grido per te
Grido per me
Ti supplico
Per te per me per tutti coloro che si amano
E che si sono amati
Sì io gli grido
Per te per me e per tutti gli altri
Che non conosco
Fermati là
Là dove sei
Là dove sei stato altre volte
Non muoverti
Non andartene
Noi che siamo amati
Noi ti abbiamo dimenticato
Tu non dimenticarci
Non avevamo che te sulla terra
Non lasciarci diventare gelidi
Anche se molto lontano sempre
E non importa dove
Dacci un segno di vita
Molto più tardi ai margini di un bosco
Nella foresta della memoria
Alzati subito
Tendici la mano
E salvaci.

Mark O’Leary, Jeff Herr & Søren Kjaergaard – Project Apollo

project apollo cover

Genre: Ambient Music, Post Rock

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Project Apollo is a tribute to the ingenuity of mankind, the networking of many incredibly intelligent and diligent human beings all over the USA to send 12 brave Astronauts to the moon and back.

It took a year of research into the historical chronology of Apollo, developing technical facility, sourcing musicians and developing an atmospheric ambient aesthetic that was apt for the concept.

The initial tracks were recorded with Søren Kjærgaard (DK) on Synths and Jeff Herr (Lux) on drums/percussion in Finbarr Corcorans studio Cork and put together in Hub studio by Mark O’Leary and Donncha Moynihan.

The Ambient Synth textures, original voice narratives, processed guitar and sensitive rhythmic pulsations intertwine and crystallize to create a symphonic image heralding Apollo.

Mark O’Leary: Guitar, Processing, Laptop, Synth, Bowed guitar.

Jeff Herr: Drums, Percussion

Søren Kjærgaard: Synth, Keys


Track List:

  1. Darkside/Genesis
  2. Voyage
  3. Landing
  4. Expedition
  5. Legacy


All compositions O’Leary, Herr, Kjærgaard

Music Directed by Mark O’Leary

Recorded BPM Studios Cork, October 2008

Recording Engineer Finbarr Corcoran

Mixing and Post Production Donncha Moynihan at The Hub Studio Cork.

StillStand – Transnature

Genre: Ambient Music

Mp3 Album Available on the Best Internet Retailers


Transnature is the follow-up album of the experimental ambient project StillStand to “Das Leben in vollen Zügen”, which was released on Oxidation in 2021. Once again synthesizers are mixed with nature recordings. This time the sounds come from walks through fields and meadows with a focus on animal sounds. However, the sounds are often strongly alienated and mutate more and more into noise and hissing in the course of the pieces. The synthesizers on Transnature are driven by a high degree of randomness, and the relationships between chords and melodies change again and again. Ultimately, the album aims to achieve a state between nature and abstraction, between grounding and hypnosis.


Mark O’Leary, Olavi Louhivuori, Teppa Hauta-aho – Astral Fishing

Genre: Ambient Music

Mp3 Album Available on the Best Internet Retailers

Mark O’Leary: Guitar/Laptop/Processing/Bowed Guitar

Olavi Louhivuori: Drums/Processed Drums

Teppa Hauta-aho: Double Bass

All music composed by O’Leary, Hauta-aho, Louhivuori

Recorded: Malmitalo – Helsinki, November 2008

Post Production/Mixing: Donncha Moynihan – Hub Studio, Cork.

Astral Fishing

Astral Fishing was conceived during a very short trip Mark O’Leary made to Helsinki in November 2008 to collaborate with Olavi Louhivuori and Teppa Hauta-aho.

The prominent three Blacksmiths sculpture in central Helsinki on a snowy night from a distance could be perceived as being three fishermen casting their rods into the solar expanse, analogous in some respects to the musical direction of the endeavour.

The themes pay homage to Architect Alvar Aalto, Stockmanns landmark, as does the cover collages which expands on this conception, visually and historically.

The music is architectural atmospheric ambience which infuses subtle, textural, collective interplay to create a magnum opus which is evocative of Finlandia and its rich modern historical tapestry.

Mark O’Leary


Mark O’Leary was born in Cork City Ireland.Being mainly auto didactic on guitar he moved to Los Angeles at the age of 17 to study at Musicians Institute,from where he later graduated. He has presented his music in 29 countries and has played at some of the worlds top Jazz festivals and contemporary Jazz venues.

He has toured Europe as a member of Canadian Pianist Paul Bley’s trio,he has performed in duo with Jack DeJohnette,in a jazz trio with Yes/King Crimson drummer Bill Bruford, in duo with Han Bennink,composed and performed classical music with Cikada string quartet,collaborated in an all electronics setting with Sound Artist Gunter Muller and with Jakob Riis,in a free improvisation combo with Evan Parker and Sunny Murray, performed in concerts with Anders Jormin and Audun Kleive, played Norwegian folk music with Nils Okland, Swedish folk music with Mats Eden, Jazz with Uri Caine, he has performed in seperate projects with trumpeters Tomasz Stanko,Kenny Wheeler and Cuong Vu. He has the distinction of having played in duo with Paul Bley, Bobo Stenson, Kenny Werner and Matthew Shipp. He has also worked in a trio with ex Weather Report/Jaco Pastorius Drummer Peter Erskine and Palle Danielsson.

He has also collaborated with the innovative percussionists z’ev, Alex Cline ,Hans Kristian Kjos Sorensen and Terje Isungset.He has also collaborated with Stale Storlokken in contemporary trio using church organ and with John Herndon of Tortoise in the Underground Jazz Trio. He has also worked in different projects with Slava Ganelin and Alexander Tarasov of the Ganelin trio fame also in a UK based group with Mark Sanders and Joe Williamson of Trapist.

He has toured in the exciting group Zemlya with Eyvind Kang and Dylan Van Der Schyff and also with Dylan and Wayne Horvitz. In conjunction with Alliance Francaise he performed in a trio with Henri Texier and Aldo Romano. He also played in a trio with Jon Christensen and Terje Gewelt He has played in Poland with drummer Michal Miskiewicz and Tomasz Szukalski and with the Oles brothers Bartlomiej and Marcin. He has also played with the Aka Moon rhythm section of Michel Hadzigeorgiu and Stephane Galland. He has also colloborated in trio with Stefan Pasborg and Peter Friis Nielsen as well as working with other Danes Jacob Anderskov and in duo with Kresten Osgood.

Various Artists – TIBProd. Italy: The Catalogue, Vol. 2

Genre: Ambient, Drone, Experimental Electronic

Mp3 Album Available on the Best Internet Retailers


Track List

Volume 1

  1. Lintujen kokous – Mark O’Leary, Olavi Louhivuori, Teppa Hauta-aho
  2. Mannerheim – Mark O’Leary, Olavi Louhivuori, Teppa Hauta-aho
  3. Colorado Springs – Mademoiselle Bistouri, Daniele Santini
  4. ELF – Mademoiselle Bistouri, Daniele Santini
  5. The Wardenclyffe Tower – Mademoiselle Bistouri, Daniele Santini
  6. Free Energy – Mademoiselle Bistouri, Daniele Santini
  7. MK Ultra – Mademoiselle Bistouri, Daniele Santini

Volume 2

  1. Cadmium Dunkel Remixed Again (Adults With Chicks Remix) – Cadmium Dunkel, Adults With Chicks
  2. Cadmium Dunkel Remixed Again (Christian Di Vito Remix) – Cadmium Dunkel, Christian Di Vito
  3. Cadmium Dunkel Remixed Again (Jan-M. Iversen Remix) – Cadmium Dunkel, Jan-M. Iversen
  4. Looking for the Light (Daniele Santini Remix) – Cadmium Dunkel, Daniele Santini
  5. At the Foot of the Hindu Kush – Mark O’Leary, Jeff Gauthier, Alex Cline
  6. Zwingli – Mark O’Leary, Jeff Gauthier, Alex Cline