Daniele Santini – The Seven Astral Levels Vol.4


Genre: Ambient, New Age

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Janne Hanhisuanto – Reflections


Genre: New Age, Ambient

Product Details: mp3 Album

Originally released on September 1, 2009 – No Longer Available

Track List:

1.Dolphin Songs Part 1

2.Panic Button Opening

3.Space Ambience

4.Del Erad

5.Dolphin Songs Part 2

6.Mars Theme 1

7.Mercurius Theme 1

8.Old Moltara Underwater Ruins

9.Tree Creation

10.Dolphin Songs Part 3

11.Dolphin Songs Part 4

Reflections is Janne Hanhisuanto’s 2nd album and a collection of works between 2007-2009.

Music style varies from relaxing ambient to more (game) soundtrack music.

Released under cc-by-sa 3.0

Cover Art designed by Mariangela Savoia



Sequences and Structures Vol.3 – An Introduction to Contemporary Electronic Music

Front cover Sequences and structures

Genre: Experimental Electronic, Electronica, Ambient, Avantgarde

Featuring: Daniele Santini, Conscientia Peccati, Substak, Monoid, Mark O’Leary, Frequency Curtain, Lino Strangis, Dark Ambient Orchestra.

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