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A.J. Kaufmann (Experimental Electronic – Rock – Psychedelic Rock)


Because Sunrise

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Christian Di Vito (Electronic – Noise)

Christian Di Vito - Deux chansons, remixés - Front Cover

Deux chansons, Remixés

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Lapis Lazuli (Progressive Rock – Math Rock – Psychedelia)

Extended Play Cover

Alien Part I – Alien Part IV – Big Bird – Triton Gnast

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Megatone (Electronic – Ambient)

Megatone - Hymn to Planet Earth cover

Hymn To Planet Earth (Minus Version)

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Totemtag (Electronic – Berliner Schule für Elektronische Musik)

Totemtag - Compilation 5 Cover Art

Compilation 5

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Megatone (Electronic – Ambient)

Megatone - Hymn to Planet Earth cover

Hymn To Planet Earth

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a-nimal (Alternative)


Mundo Em Retalhos/Arritmia Aritmética

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Symphony Novel (Progressive – Post Rock)

final image


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HPM (Post Rock – Classical – Ambient)


Fire Flowers – Perpetual Bliss

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Totemtag (Electronic – Berliner Schule für Elektronische Musik)

Compilation 4 Front Cover

Compilation 4

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Totemtag (Electronic – Berliner Schule für Elektronische Musik)

Totemtag - Compilation 3 - Cover Art

Compilation 3

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Totemtag (Electronic – Berliner Schule für Elektronische Musik)

Cover Art

Compilation 2

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Active Heed (Progressive Rock)


Every Ten Seconds Before

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Totemtag (Electronic – Berliner Schule für Elektronische Musik)

Totemtag - Compilation 1 - Cover Art

Compilation 1

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InSonar (Experimental Rock – Progressive Rock)

InSonar - Cover art

Alternative Versions from “L’Entant et le Ménure”

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Artista Senza Nome (New Age)

Album Senza Nome -Cover Art

Album Senza Nome

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Substak (Electronic – Ambient – Drones – Noise – Dub)


Various Tracks

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Valenoise (Noise – Experimental)

Valenoise - Frequensteiner - Front


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A.n.K.h.// (Industrial – Electronic)

[cover] A.n.K.h - HYPSIS


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Various Artists (Electronic, Progressive Rock)

TIBProd Sampler Vol1 front

TIBProd. Italy Sampler Vol.1

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Mademoiselle Bistouri (Harsh Noise)


Consorzio Voyeur Spa

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Christian Di Vito (Drones, Noise, Electronic, Ambient)



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Rocket Tomat (NintendoCore)

Cheers and come on brighten up!!! - COVER EP

Death Grindtendo for a Heart Dancing – Cheers and Come on Brighten Up!!!

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Skyage (Trance – Electronic – IDM)

Skyage - Zep Tepi - Cover

Zep Tepi

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Mademoiselle Bistouri (Harsh Noise)

Mademoiselle Bistouri - Pussy Chaos - Front

Pussy Chaos

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Big Robot & Conrad Schnitzler (Electronic – Psychedelic)

Horror Odyssee - Front_web small

Tracks from Horror Odyssee

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Mono-Drone (Electronic – Ambient)

Mono-Drone - All Inclusive - Front Cover

All Inclusive

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Buben (Electronic – Dark Ambient)

Vladislav Buben - Harangue - Front


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Astral Travellers (Progressive Rock – Metal Prog)

Astral Travellers - The truth beyond - Front

The Truth Beyond

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Flesh Eating Foundation (Industrial – Aggressive Electronica)

Flesh Eating Foundation - Seethe - Cover

One minute – The deepest cut

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Maurizio Bianchi (Experimental Electronic – Industrial)

Loopspool front


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Convurazio (Electronic)

Convurazio - Front

4° Collection

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MEGATONE (Electronic – Ambient)


5 tracks from various Albums

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Analog Missionary (Psychedelic – Progressive)


Dirty road / Harpoon / Transmitter

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A.n.K.h.// (Industrial – Electronic)


Pretium Doliris

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A.n.K.h.// (Industrial – Electronic)


Ad Patres

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A.n.K.h.// (Industrial – Electronic)



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Delirio Sonoro (Psychedelic – Electronic)


Remixes 2000 – 2005

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Grey Lagoon (Progressive Rock – Canterbury)


Tracks from Syncretic

Free Download 3

Noise Sound Nation (Industrial – Noise)


Nomadische Strukturen

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W. Elektro Projekt (Electronic)

[cover] W. Elektro Projekt - Minimal Skool (Minimal's Cool!)

Minimal Skool (Minimal’s Cool!)

Free Download 1

Phrozenlight (Electronic – Ambient – Cosmic music)



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