Monoid – Crisis Culture


Genre: Dark Wave, Industrial, Electro

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Ten years ago the last full album of Monoid has been released. Back then “Crowd Control” dealt with the rising unrest of the societies we live in. A lot has changed in these ten years, today we became used to a daily level of terror in the middle of Europe, radicalization of ideas, massive forced migration and the corrosion of political values. The result is a crisis-centric culture fueled with fear and skepticism. Industrial music is a perfect vessel to reflect this, and the new Monoid album uses this potential in many ways. Mixing all the styles the project has been known to utilize, from dark ambient soundscapes via rhythm’n’noise to experimental and strange tracks, it addresses some of the small and huge crises that had an impact to the way we perceive our world. A fitting soundtrack for disturbing times.