Mark O’Leary – Driving in Iceland

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Genre: Electronica, Experimental Electronic.

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There is a distant air of autopoiesis residual with the internal dynamic of Iceland.

The disparate elements of tundra and the sinuous of volcanic terrain endemic of this halcyon land.

Traversing the refulgent ring road or the enigmatic congenial stasis of downtown Reykjavik, to the equestrian predilection of the inhabitants of Skagafjordur.

There is a stoicism, effable to Duglegur, just do it and they do, the Icelandic soccer team is world renowned, as well as Bjork, art, literature and a nascent burgeoning inchoate international TV production industry.

The people can transmogrify occupation, utilizing alluvium to aluminum.

A penchant for ruminating in cafes, albeit with decorum to the background panorama of iridescent northern lights.

The essence of Driving in Iceland is an osmosis of the aforementioned, a melange of diverging sang froid concepts lurking within the interstices and thus proscenium of this recording.

Punctilious and effusive.

Mark O’Leary – Allegory of the Three Suns

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Genre: New Age, Avantgarde

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Allegory of the Three Suns

The Allegory of the Three Suns is inspired by the natural phenomenon of the refulgent verisimilitude of the optical illusion of three suns over the skies of Chelyabinsk near the Urals, the temperature was -23 to -25, the winter sunlight refracts through tiny hexagonal crystals which are invisible, thus creating the appearance of three suns.

The pastoral elegance and eloquence of the music reciprocates the above anomaly, albeit with a peripatetic disposition in the form of ambient soundart using narratives from the Changpa: a semi nomadic Tibetan tribe found mainly in Jammu and Kashmir and Changtang in Ladakh.

Metastasizing into an expansive veritable atheneum of ambient sanguine dialectics; music for the fjords in solstice, detritus of rhodes harmonies in juxtaposition with coruscating strings, trumpet playing the Himalayas, decorous yet delphic ruminations, a stirring porphyry of impressionistic post second Viennese school piano interjections and string sonatas, an eclectic smorgasbord of atmospheric discourse that soothe a pensive penchant.

Ascending the pergola to a pagoda, we thus enter the vestibule to a star chamber of contemplative enlightenment, chaste nymph, lion and the unicorn, we venerate in homage at the obelisk talisman to the last sentinel.

The Best of Contemporary Electronic Music


Genre: Experimental Electronic, Electronica, Ambient, Avantgarde

Featuring: Mark O’Leary, Christian Di Vito, Daniele Santini, Brekekekexkoaxkoax, Model Russell, [p]v.

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Mark O’Leary – Nuova Musica Elettronica

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Genre: Experimental Electronic, Avantgarde

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Nuova Musica Elettronica

Nuova Musica Elettronica is set of work by Mark O’Leary emanating from a series of Pastiches of experimental electronic contemporary music.

Voice, piano, electronics, minimalism; a panegyric to the parquet of Italian contemporary electronic music.

A canon of recherche electronic intrigue juxtaposed with iridescent piano sonatas and manipulated voice.

A patina of electronic synthesis with voice, transistor radio conjuring discursive ruminations. albeit, a tad eldritch at certain confluences which imbues the project with a distinct nostalgia of Italia circa 1972. No obfuscation or circumlocution, the music is direct and uncompromising, it does transmogrify, but it is en captivating.

A panoply of disparate retro images of Italian pop culture emerge from the music which compartmentalize and crystallize efficaciously in to the portmanteau of aesthetic algorithms.

The hypostasis is a project experimental in essence, with ardent capricious corollaries that expand the music into a compelling experimental ambient narrative.

The Watchtower – Mark O’Leary

A refulgent hue, pervades the night,

a deity guardian, beams of light,

a behemoth structure, ode to Erebus,

intaglio escutcheon, monolithic, impervious.

Sword in the darkness, watcher on wall,

saviour of men, stentorian call,

orutund, intermarium, steadfast route,

Watchtower giveth, trusted soothe.

Mariners Tale – Mark O’Leary

A forboding mist shrouds the sea, 

a stark impediment to destiny,

a pantheon of light in gyroscopic poise,

to terra firma we rejoice.


An arbiter, stentorian, from afar,

safety we haste, northern star,

we engage with barometer, sextant to hand,

beacon guides us, far off land.


Sedulous we sale, an incipient tide,

precarious waters, we must nay chide,

a chimera manifests, we triumvirate prevail,

terpsichorean tendency, incandescent we sail.


A proclivity to meander, upon sinuous wave,

as a troglodyte dwells, hermit to cave,

we toil with rigour, rising precipitation,

compass to cartography, anticipation.


A mariners miasma soon abates,

perched over almanac axiomatic inculcates,

charting over path, pray grace to our maker,

corvus to demesne, volleys from our saker.

Mark O’Leary – Lighthouse


Genre: New Age, Ambient, Experimental Electronic.

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The Lighthouse was conceived and composed by Mark O’Leary with sedulous production and artwork from Daniele Santini.
It is an exhibition of contemplative impressionism, a musical dialectic juxtaposed with subtle infusion and a modicum of decorum.
Soul stirring piano, rhodes, chant and choral, an eclectic ambient bifurcation, evocative of a kaleidoscopic array of sensual timbres.
Soft, sensitive, minimalist narratives with pastoral synth accompaniment.
A perennial concatenation of thematic interludes, the pendulum of doctrinal focus revolves to amuse in the allegoric form of a Lighthouse in the far north, where an almanac of aesthetic algorithms percolates in a crucible of demonstrative crescendos and cantatas.