Grey Lagoon – Syncretic

Genre: Progressive Rock, Canterbury

No Longer Available

Track List:

1 Latest News

2 Grey Vessels

3 We’re Not Real People We’re Just Cartoons

4 Syncretic

5 Bunch Of Money

6 Different

7 A Winter Day

8 All The Things Around Me

9 Two Years After

10 Distant Fires

11 Effe

12 Mechanical Heartbeat

13 Gloomy Lullaby

Fabrizio Calabrina: drums & percussion

Roberto Cruciani: bass & vocals

Massimo Calabrina: keyboards & pianos

Augusto Gozzo: pianos & keyboards

Jukka Salo: vocals

Marco Guidi: clarinet

A sparkling mixture of electro-acoustic sounds and dreaming Canterbury-like jazzy melodies & lyrics: Grey Lagoon from Italy with a hint of Finland with the powerful vocals delivered by Jukka Salo.

Progressive Art Rock with the elegance of classical music: the ultimate syncretic experience.

Max, Rob, Fab, Jukka & friends put their different musical styles and roots together to get to the climax! Deeply inspired by Canterbury Heroes like Richard Sinclair, Robert Wyatt, Hatfield & the North, Gong, Soft Machine, Matching Mole etc.) the Lagooners deliver a colorful bunch of musical pieces spanning from classical to jazz with all the nuances in-between.

Just to be Different!

Syncretic is the result of two years of soul-searching process.

Watch out: listening to this record causes addiction!