Aisles – In sudden walks

Genre: Progressive Rock, Neo Prog

No Longer Available

Track List:

  1. Mariachi
  2. Revolution Of Light
  3. Summer Fall
  4. The Maiden
  5. Smile Of Tears
  6. Hawaii

Review by Windhawk –

“In Sudden Walks” is the second album from Chilean proggers Aisles, a band that has matured quite a lot in 4 years.

This time around a central trait of their compositions is that they very much defy a clear defining sound, and while the symphonic aspects may arguably be said to be dominating there’s much more going on here as well.

From the opening numbers spoken theatricals set against musical backdrops with rather sophisticated and varied instrumental passages in between to the neo meets lounge jazz meets dreamy psychedelic creation ending this disc in the shape of the tune Hawaii, this production is something of a tour de force from a band that has managed to incorporate great diversity to their musical ventures.

And while not quite managing to pull of the truly brilliant tracks yet, Aisles show promise of managing to do just that, possibly in the near future. Worth checking out of you might enjoy a sophisticated melodic and most often mellow and subdued variety of progressive rock touching upon early 80’s Rush as well as neo progressive rock from the same era, spiced with psychedelic, spacey and jazzy touches at times.