Mark O’Leary, Jeff Gauthier, Alex Cline – Waves III

Genre: Free Jazz, Jazz-Rock

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Waves III is the third installment of a trilogy recorded in California by Mark O’Leary with various luminaries within the LA music scene.

Two other releases, Signs (Fmr records) and On the Shore (Cleanfeed) have all received various modicums of praise.

The trilogy which has Alex Cline and Mark O’Leary as the common denominators, stretches into a proliferation of areas within the great body of contemporary improvised music.

Waves III essentially encompasses a more ambient dimension with laptop generated soundscapes, seascapes and processing, juxtaposed with varying degrees of Eastern music, Japanese music, post ecm, contemporary classical and even elements of some contemporary Americana.

People, Gardens, Seas, Ceremonies and Mountainscapes are the muses.

Ulrich Zwingli, the Religious figure and founder of Zurich, Hindu Kush, Sea, Japanese gardens, in essence disparate, but connected here within the subtle textural fabric of the musical conception proffered.

The praxis, combined with various concepts is the impetus to cultivating the fertile musical terrains, thus a continuation of a sonic/visual/conceptual aesthetic that O’Leary is wishing to portray within an Ambient contextual background.

Oblique themes that unfold into delicate ambient interplays where Alex’s symphonic simpatico percussion, Jeff’s sensitive violin and the ambient infused guitar intertwined with the various soundscapes structures all coalescing into a kaleidoscope of contemporary narratives, it evolves as ambient washes of sonic waves that ebb and flow on a seascape under an azure sky, Waves is an apt description of the project.

The title Waves III was chosen to differentiate the album from the 1977 Jazz Rock release by Terje Rypdal and Waves II, the 2003 compilation featuring Guy-Man from Daft-Punk.


released November 28, 2011

Mark O’Leary: Guitar, Laptop, environmental recording, processing
Jeff Gauthier: Electric Violin
Alex Cline: Drums/Percussion