Mark O’Leary, Jeff Herr & Søren Kjaergaard – Project Apollo

project apollo cover

Genre: Ambient Music, Post Rock

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Project Apollo is a tribute to the ingenuity of mankind, the networking of many incredibly intelligent and diligent human beings all over the USA to send 12 brave Astronauts to the moon and back.

It took a year of research into the historical chronology of Apollo, developing technical facility, sourcing musicians and developing an atmospheric ambient aesthetic that was apt for the concept.

The initial tracks were recorded with Søren Kjærgaard (DK) on Synths and Jeff Herr (Lux) on drums/percussion in Finbarr Corcorans studio Cork and put together in Hub studio by Mark O’Leary and Donncha Moynihan.

The Ambient Synth textures, original voice narratives, processed guitar and sensitive rhythmic pulsations intertwine and crystallize to create a symphonic image heralding Apollo.

Mark O’Leary: Guitar, Processing, Laptop, Synth, Bowed guitar.

Jeff Herr: Drums, Percussion

Søren Kjærgaard: Synth, Keys


Track List:

  1. Darkside/Genesis
  2. Voyage
  3. Landing
  4. Expedition
  5. Legacy


All compositions O’Leary, Herr, Kjærgaard

Music Directed by Mark O’Leary

Recorded BPM Studios Cork, October 2008

Recording Engineer Finbarr Corcoran

Mixing and Post Production Donncha Moynihan at The Hub Studio Cork.