Delirio Sonoro – Atto Terzo

Delirio Sonoro - Atto Terzo - Front CoverTIB

Genre: Psychedelic Rock – Electronic

Product Details: mp3 album, CD

Available on CD at DISCOGS

Track List:

1) Avventura (se non ti fa paura)

2) Flusso

3) E Se Domani

4) It’s Braining Again

5) Stando

6) Non Ti Aspetterò

7) Be In The Mystery

8) Lascio Andare Il Mio Riposo

9) Un Altro Mare

10) Bonus Track + Ghost Track (CD Only)

Line up:

 Roberto Cruciani: bass, vocals

 Paolo Parea: guitars, lead vocals (3)

 Daniele Santini: programming, percussion, synthesizers, sampling, bass, lead vocals (3, 6, 7, 9)


 Saulo Chiaramoni: lead vocals (1, 2, 5, 8)

 Marco Guidi: clarinet (4)

 Alessandro Piscini: guitars

 Roberta Tomasino: lead vocals (3)

 Stefano Sguerrini: synth solo (6)

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