Mark O’Leary – Driving in Iceland

Front CoverDII

Genre: Electronica, Experimental Electronic.

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There is a distant air of autopoiesis residual with the internal dynamic of Iceland.

The disparate elements of tundra and the sinuous of volcanic terrain endemic of this halcyon land.

Traversing the refulgent ring road or the enigmatic congenial stasis of downtown Reykjavik, to the equestrian predilection of the inhabitants of Skagafjordur.

There is a stoicism, effable to Duglegur, just do it and they do, the Icelandic soccer team is world renowned, as well as Bjork, art, literature and a nascent burgeoning inchoate international TV production industry.

The people can transmogrify occupation, utilizing alluvium to aluminum.

A penchant for ruminating in cafes, albeit with decorum to the background panorama of iridescent northern lights.

The essence of Driving in Iceland is an osmosis of the aforementioned, a melange of diverging sang froid concepts lurking within the interstices and thus proscenium of this recording.

Punctilious and effusive.

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