Delirio Sonoro – Atto Terzo

Delirio Sonoro - Atto Terzo - Front CoverTIB

Genre: Psychedelic Rock – Electronic

Product Details: mp3 album, CD

Available on CD at DISCOGS

Track List:

1) Avventura (se non ti fa paura)

2) Flusso

3) E Se Domani

4) It’s Braining Again

5) Stando

6) Non Ti Aspetterò

7) Be In The Mystery

8) Lascio Andare Il Mio Riposo

9) Un Altro Mare

10) Bonus Track + Ghost Track (CD Only)

Line up:

 Roberto Cruciani: bass, vocals

 Paolo Parea: guitars, lead vocals (3)

 Daniele Santini: programming, percussion, synthesizers, sampling, bass, lead vocals (3, 6, 7, 9)


 Saulo Chiaramoni: lead vocals (1, 2, 5, 8)

 Marco Guidi: clarinet (4)

 Alessandro Piscini: guitars

 Roberta Tomasino: lead vocals (3)

 Stefano Sguerrini: synth solo (6)

Flesh Eating Foundation – Purging

Flesh Eating Foundation Banner

Purging CD

Genre: Aggressive Electronica, Industrial Punk

Product Details: mp3 Album

Originally released on June 18, 2009 – No Longer Available

Track List:

1. Victims

2. Godless

3. Fucking Sick

4. Godless (The Ladder Remix)

5. Septic

6. Godless (Digicore Remix)

7. You Made Me Suffer

8. Godless (Multi-Panel Mix)

About Flesh Eating Foundation – Purging

Following 2007’s critically acclaimed “Seethe” CD, Flesh Eating Foundation have released “Purging”.

“Purging” contains eight tracks, five brand new recordings and three remixes selected from the “Godless” Remix Competition.

The new recordings reflect the end of one era for the band, an expulsion of bile, bitterness and anger, reflecting both life changing personal events and the doom/gloom of recent happenings home and abroad.

“Godless” is a bruising attack on organised religion built for the clubs.

“Victims” is a slab of digital punk outpouring resulting from the brutal murder of Sophie Lancaster.

“Fucking Sick” has multiple meanings and is a schizophrenic audio train wreck.

“Septic” and “You Made Me Suffer” are wholly more personal, with the latter being a dark claustrophobic and speaker worrying barrage of atmosphere vs outbursts.

Megatone – Pure Land

pureland_ front

Genre: Electronic, Ambient

Mp3 Album Available on the Best Internet Retailers

Track List:

  1. Sunset On Coruscant (1.38)
  2. Blue Skies Over Arcadia (3.45)
  3. Portal To Hyperspace (5.07)
  4. Shanti (2.56)
  5. Acropolis (1.25)
  6. Unicorn (1.33)
  7. Black Lotus (4.23)
  8. Infinity (7.30)
  9. Nirvana (Water Of Life version) (2.48)
  10. Babylon (3.35)
  11. Jade (1.10)
  12. Ocean Of Oblivion (3.56)
  13. Turquoise (1.12)
  14. Moksha (3.24)
  15. Obsidian (1.11)
  16. Ithaca (3.50)
  17. Supernova (4.57)
  18. The Awakening (4.36)

Music composed and arranged by Marcel Gherman (Moldova).

All sounds originally designed.

Phrozenlight – Far Side Of The Galaxy


Genre: Electronic, Ambient, Cosmic Music

Originally released as mp3 album on April 11, 2009

No Longer Available

Review By David Law of SMD (synth music direct)

I wouldn’t say I was an expert on Phrozenlight as he has quite a large catalogue but most of what I have heard until now has been ambient music in the more traditional sense.

I was amazed therefore that almost from the very beginning of this mammoth seventy-seven minute piece we get sequences. All rather fine they are too, sounding distinctly Schulzian, in a restrained rather rumbling way. In the background little cosmic effects hiss and twitter.

Actually there seems to be quite a bit of movement in the sequence as it morphs this way and that. At around the ten minute mark the backing has become ‘windier’ and overall everything sounds more bass laden. The sequence also seems to be a little higher in the mix. By the fifteenth minute the pulsations seem much more ‘tinkling’. Five minutes later the sequence has all but departed as we gradually descend to pure drift with little metallic shimmers then really strange distorted sampled chatter- or it is to me anyway as I think it is in Dutch or German.

High register metallic shimmers enter as the chatter slowly subsides and a fresh very bass heavy rhythmic sequence can just be heard forming low in the mix, so low in fact that it as much seeps into the consciousness as is actually heard. At the half hour mark the distorted chatter momentarily returns. A second very subtle sequence makes an entrance but again it is low in the mix compared to the shifting sea of rather complex pads. Both sequences increase in intensity but at such a slow rate I didn’t at first realise it. From time to time the backing becomes a little more violent, even stormy, then subsides again.

By the hour mark all returns to atmospherics. I suppose it’s quite tranquil but there does seem to be a darker edge to it. The pulsations haven’t left us completely however as they do return, initially so low in the mix they were more of an imagination but slowly they once again start to form a more prominent part in the overall flow until they are quite positively skipping along.

 The ‘chatter’ makes one last appearance at around the seventy-minute mark. To me it seems that the last half-minute is pure silence, or is that my ears just getting too old?

I enjoyed this album very much and of those I have heard by Phrozenlight so far it is certainly my favourite. It must be said however that with such a long track where the changes are so subtle it is hard to completely concentrate on it throughout its duration.

My mind kept wandering but there is no doubt that it was a supremely relaxing experience. (DL)

Mark O’Leary – Driving in Iceland

Front CoverDII

Genre: Electronica, Experimental Electronic.

Mp3 Album Available on the Best Internet Retailers

There is a distant air of autopoiesis residual with the internal dynamic of Iceland.

The disparate elements of tundra and the sinuous of volcanic terrain endemic of this halcyon land.

Traversing the refulgent ring road or the enigmatic congenial stasis of downtown Reykjavik, to the equestrian predilection of the inhabitants of Skagafjordur.

There is a stoicism, effable to Duglegur, just do it and they do, the Icelandic soccer team is world renowned, as well as Bjork, art, literature and a nascent burgeoning inchoate international TV production industry.

The people can transmogrify occupation, utilizing alluvium to aluminum.

A penchant for ruminating in cafes, albeit with decorum to the background panorama of iridescent northern lights.

The essence of Driving in Iceland is an osmosis of the aforementioned, a melange of diverging sang froid concepts lurking within the interstices and thus proscenium of this recording.

Punctilious and effusive.