Mark O’Leary – Nuova Musica Elettronica

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Genre: Experimental Electronic, Avantgarde

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Nuova Musica Elettronica

Nuova Musica Elettronica is set of work by Mark O’Leary emanating from a series of Pastiches of experimental electronic contemporary music.

Voice, piano, electronics, minimalism; a panegyric to the parquet of Italian contemporary electronic music.

A canon of recherche electronic intrigue juxtaposed with iridescent piano sonatas and manipulated voice.

A patina of electronic synthesis with voice, transistor radio conjuring discursive ruminations. albeit, a tad eldritch at certain confluences which imbues the project with a distinct nostalgia of Italia circa 1972. No obfuscation or circumlocution, the music is direct and uncompromising, it does transmogrify, but it is en captivating.

A panoply of disparate retro images of Italian pop culture emerge from the music which compartmentalize and crystallize efficaciously in to the portmanteau of aesthetic algorithms.

The hypostasis is a project experimental in essence, with ardent capricious corollaries that expand the music into a compelling experimental ambient narrative.