Mariners Tale – Mark O’Leary

A forboding mist shrouds the sea, 

a stark impediment to destiny,

a pantheon of light in gyroscopic poise,

to terra firma we rejoice.


An arbiter, stentorian, from afar,

safety we haste, northern star,

we engage with barometer, sextant to hand,

beacon guides us, far off land.


Sedulous we sale, an incipient tide,

precarious waters, we must nay chide,

a chimera manifests, we triumvirate prevail,

terpsichorean tendency, incandescent we sail.


A proclivity to meander, upon sinuous wave,

as a troglodyte dwells, hermit to cave,

we toil with rigour, rising precipitation,

compass to cartography, anticipation.


A mariners miasma soon abates,

perched over almanac axiomatic inculcates,

charting over path, pray grace to our maker,

corvus to demesne, volleys from our saker.

Mark O’Leary – Lighthouse


Genre: New Age, Ambient, Experimental Electronic.

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The Lighthouse was conceived and composed by Mark O’Leary with sedulous production and artwork from Daniele Santini.
It is an exhibition of contemplative impressionism, a musical dialectic juxtaposed with subtle infusion and a modicum of decorum.
Soul stirring piano, rhodes, chant and choral, an eclectic ambient bifurcation, evocative of a kaleidoscopic array of sensual timbres.
Soft, sensitive, minimalist narratives with pastoral synth accompaniment.
A perennial concatenation of thematic interludes, the pendulum of doctrinal focus revolves to amuse in the allegoric form of a Lighthouse in the far north, where an almanac of aesthetic algorithms percolates in a crucible of demonstrative crescendos and cantatas.

Daniele Santini – The Seven Astral Levels Vol.3


Genre: Trance, Ambient, Experimental Electronic.

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The Seven Astral Levels Vol.3

According to esoteric occult philosophy the astral world is a realm into which we pass at physical death and where we spend a period of time before moving on to a higher sphere. It is also believed to inhabit not just disembodied souls but also inhabitants of a non-human nature, such as the lower orders of the devas or angels, and nature-spirits or elementals (good and bad) such as fairies, which are just beyond the powers of human vision.

The Astral plain is a plane of existence and perception paralleling the physical plane. It can be accessed during our sleeping hours during out-of-body experiences. It is then when our spirit can travel into other dimensions where we can perceive the beings of that world. Unlike the material world, which is made up of atoms and molecules, the astral plane is a world of thoughts. Because of this it is not three-dimensional, it is an area that is all around and all encompassing. Objects can be viewed from all directions at the same time and emotions become visible and tangible, as are material objects on the earth plain.
The Astral Plane consisted of seven levels, each inhabited by an assortment of different beings. The astral plane is believed to be far more mutable than the physical and is said to be changed and altered simply by the power of thought. The astral plane is thought to have many entities and levels to it and operates at a much higher frequency than the physical plane that we inhabit.
The lower astral subplanes (traditionally the ones to be avoided) appear to be areas where negative emotion, thought, and fantasy-generated energies have been collecting for a very long time. These areas are home to negative manifestations of the darker side of the human mind and imagination. The fringes of these areas are not dangerous, but are decidedly unpleasant.

The very bad lower subplanes are dark, shadowy areas populated (more aptly polluted) with all kinds of demons, monsters, and nightmarish figures. The lowest of these dark areas could aptly be called hellish dimensional areas.

The series of these 7 albums attempts to describe the astral levels starting from the lowest up to the thinner one. The dark and obsessive music for the first three levels little by little becomes ethereal and pleasant.