Pacha & Robert – Music For Slumbers


Genre: Ambient, Experimental Electronic.

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Music for Slumbers 

Music for Slumbers is a tribute to ambient music masters. It is structured in two long tracks conceived as two journeys into the unknown, like David Bowman trip at the end of Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey”. Sounds are produced by synthesised electric guitars, and are processed later on. This is the first released album of this duo of long experienced artists who declare their admiration for the music of Fripp & Eno. The inspiration for this work comes from there, but the end result has it’s own personality, a mesmerizing and hypnotic sci-fi sound.
Rafael Pacha (1961), multi-instrumentalist, composer, feels more confortable with stringed instruments, but works also with winds, keyboards and percussion. He belonged to various musical groups, but from 2000 began a solo career with nine solo cd’s and multiple collaborations, of different styles, from folk to progressive rock.
Antoni Robert (1954) studied astrophysics and quantum physics. Always interested in experimental music and creativity methodologies such as “lateral thinking”, he had his own record label from 1990 to 2000, releasing more than 35 cd’s. In 2015 he decided to start producing his own sound projects.

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