Christian Di Vito & Daniele Santini


Genre: Drones, Ambient, Trance, Tribal, Drum ‘n’ Bass, Dance.

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Christian Di Vito & Daniele Santini

This is the first collaboration between Christian Di Vito and Daniele Santini. The result is a mix of electronica, noise, trance and ambient music.
Christian Di Vito was born in 1979 and spent his adolescence in the Rome hardcore – punk scene.
At the time he played electric bass, with an interest in electronic music, emulating artists of Warp and Rephlex labels.
In the early years of the new millennium Christian Di Vito began to create experiments with new sounds; heavily influenced by Xenakis, Scelsi, Ligeti he started a more mature musical research, taking care of a personal aesthetic of sound and creating meticulous compositions.
Di Vito has a big archive of field recordings, an activity he do also on an extra-musical level. He currently lives on the South coast of Rome.
Daniele Santini is a founder member of the psychedelic prog-rock band Delirio Sonoro.
He collaborated with the experimental electronic band Skema and several artists such as Mark O’Leary, Mademoiselle Bistouri and Dark Ambient Orchestra.
He remixed also the Conrad Schnitzler & Bjorn Hatterud track Hirschgebrull Part 9 (from the album Hirschgebrull – 2011).
His musical style is very diversified, moving from Krautrock and Psychedelic Rock to Experimental Electronic and Ambient Music.

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