Pacha & Robert – Music For Slumbers


Genre: Ambient, Experimental Electronic.

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Music for Slumbers 

Music for Slumbers is a tribute to ambient music masters. It is structured in two long tracks conceived as two journeys into the unknown, like David Bowman trip at the end of Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey”. Sounds are produced by synthesised electric guitars, and are processed later on. This is the first released album of this duo of long experienced artists who declare their admiration for the music of Fripp & Eno. The inspiration for this work comes from there, but the end result has it’s own personality, a mesmerizing and hypnotic sci-fi sound.
Rafael Pacha (1961), multi-instrumentalist, composer, feels more confortable with stringed instruments, but works also with winds, keyboards and percussion. He belonged to various musical groups, but from 2000 began a solo career with nine solo cd’s and multiple collaborations, of different styles, from folk to progressive rock.
Antoni Robert (1954) studied astrophysics and quantum physics. Always interested in experimental music and creativity methodologies such as “lateral thinking”, he had his own record label from 1990 to 2000, releasing more than 35 cd’s. In 2015 he decided to start producing his own sound projects.

Christian Di Vito & Daniele Santini


Genre: Drones, Ambient, Trance, Tribal, Drum ‘n’ Bass, Dance.

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Christian Di Vito & Daniele Santini

This is the first collaboration between Christian Di Vito and Daniele Santini. The result is a mix of electronica, noise, trance and ambient music.
Christian Di Vito was born in 1979 and spent his adolescence in the Rome hardcore – punk scene.
At the time he played electric bass, with an interest in electronic music, emulating artists of Warp and Rephlex labels.
In the early years of the new millennium Christian Di Vito began to create experiments with new sounds; heavily influenced by Xenakis, Scelsi, Ligeti he started a more mature musical research, taking care of a personal aesthetic of sound and creating meticulous compositions.
Di Vito has a big archive of field recordings, an activity he do also on an extra-musical level. He currently lives on the South coast of Rome.
Daniele Santini is a founder member of the psychedelic prog-rock band Delirio Sonoro.
He collaborated with the experimental electronic band Skema and several artists such as Mark O’Leary, Mademoiselle Bistouri and Dark Ambient Orchestra.
He remixed also the Conrad Schnitzler & Bjorn Hatterud track Hirschgebrull Part 9 (from the album Hirschgebrull – 2011).
His musical style is very diversified, moving from Krautrock and Psychedelic Rock to Experimental Electronic and Ambient Music.

Mark O’Leary – Just Watch Me


Genre: Electronica, Minimal

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The German Autumn of 1977, an epoch where West German accession as a leading world power, a mere thirty years after World War II, whilst concurrently faced with internal encumbrances from the Baader Meinhoff. The superlative, adroit diplomacy of Helmut Schmidt galvanized the German nation and the savoir faire with which the panegyric proclamation on national television after the Hans Martin Schleyer, Mogadishu incidents and the demise of Baader Meinhoff, was an oration which had a vivifying effect, the penultimate example of the epitome of the Clausewitzian equanimity paradigm at its zenith, a steely resolve, for ’twas needed and subsequently, a qualitative transformation process being enacted and the embryonics of a new German dispensation.

Contrasted with Saratoga of 1777 and the hero of it; Benedict Arnold’s installation as military commander of Philadelphia and the beginning of the culmination of George Washington’s recursive and erudite master plan. One does not get ones face on a cornucopia of fiduciary by being a paragon of virtue, wheels within wheels. A categorical imperative of sorts; a taste for the tan, a taste of the tan. To acquire a taste for something, one must first have a taste of it. Arnold was the messiah harked for, but Washington knew through empiricism that their a priori mores would never countenance the propitious utility of his capability.

The wanton predilection for the turn of a farthing, the forage for horace coming from afar. James Edward Oglethorpe alluded, ”we do that far better in England”. A winter of discontent made safe by summer sun, insouciance arriveth from oblique, seagulls in the mist lead us to a promised land.

I would like to discuss Amherst, I should like a dialectic upon Monongahela, King George III, King of America.

The birth of a putative Bangladesh in 1971, which would ultimately become a bona fide sovereign nation, the corvus to Pakistan thus dissipated and the escarpment being traversed with a bien pensant diplomacy, the central touchstone and catalyst is conciliation, a repository of eternal truth. He was great in ’71.

Left handed operations. In vertical integration, it is best to bring your own accoutrements. Albeit, sometimes it is best to source them locally and retain them in depots. Upon occasion left handed operations exceed the expectations of what one is endeavoring to emulate. A reciprocal and imitative process, but upping ones game is the game changerm ebullience, tempered with forbearance.

The presage of the portentous for quantum computing. Standard computing utilizes a binary system, quantum, thus utilizing particle and wave (qubits) has exponentially greater potential. How far are you willing to go with all of this?

Just Watch Me.