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One of the great aphorisms which Michel Foucault espoused stated: ”don’t believe in what I say, for I no longer believe in what I say”.

What one always liked best about Rory was that laconic 4i. His improvised, iterative, intelligible (albeit sometimes negligible), incantations. One of those soundbites was ”he was jus’ like Jesse James”.

Upon the road to Sana’a, many leagues from Lashkar gah, I met some men whose chant was fives, in their belts were scabbard knives.

To govern Yemen, is akin to dancing on the heads of snakes. Ali Abdullah Saleh, was just about the only man in recent times to have done so.

The sentiment expressed is not bellicose semantics, just an expression of the balancing act necessitated to keep kith and kin content so as one can lead propitiously, he extricated that country from the third world. The narration used on the track is from one of the greatest speeches given in our time, where he implores his Southern brothers under the sagacious and sedulous Ali Salim al-beidh to join the North and form a Unitary Yemen.

As the perennial pithy goes, ”Ahmed, this is a game for big players”..

Anthropomorphic, the day of the horse, for the horse is symbolic of tribal unification and syncretism.

If behind every beard there was wisdom, goats would be prophets, a time honoured Armenian truism. Have not sugar, will not melt.

Leonard Nimoy’s omniscience, equanimity, logically infused reasoning and elucidation, which inspired not just the audience of Star Trek, but a generation and just about everyone who interacted with him. A scion of Ukrainian Jews from Iziaslav, he integrated, innovatively and with acuity, some of his early experiences and encounters at his local Synagogue into the tapestry of his thespian repertoire and thus becoming the earnest lieutenant of Captain Kirk-Feuerwerk.

Upon occasion, one must push, the push of the pike, ‘trailst thou puissant pike”.

Scholastic recapitulation, with a modicum of decorum.

A monolithic dependency to the addiction of participation.

”Why did you choose your Captain over me, for it is not logical”. We concur, but alas sometimes they do not want a legend as a consort, they crave the spurious.

To quote Marcus Aurelius, ”everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth”.

The enchanting topographical sylvan of Transcarpathia, a rich melting pot of cultures, rites and history, and future history.

”What cap badge would you like and tell us some more about yourself”. ”Well, I can tell you this much, the badger is a tough auld animal”.

Tricks with language and words can make foolish people appear erudite.

One may have a proclivity to be a hedgehog rather than a fox, this is more prevalent, it may be prosaic, but it is the more commonly desirable trait. A bifurcation is rare.

A dynamic pastoralism of recondite hymns and arias from the terraces, may just conjure a forgotten canticle that may be the panacea and impetuous for an eponymous masterpiece.

A constellation of stars, throwing dice to make decisions, boundaries and windage, a judicious admixture of first and third, limited objective analysis based upon subjective experience. All happy families are unhappy in their own way.

For it was the way the man was dancing in 1971.

Where Vulcan’s Ne’er Dwell

Amok time where no man has gone,

the conscience of the King makes us journey on,

the Squire of Gothos and Galileo Sevens,

Man in the Arena, meandering through heavens.

Fridays Child, Wolf in the fold,

to Omega Glory in Cargo hold,

Return to Tomorrow, Patterns of Force,

O Captain, my Captain the ship sails its course.

For the World is hollow, I have touched the Sky,

a Vulcan’s tears, for they do not lie,

Day of the Dove, with Spectre of Gun,

the Tholian Web, here at last, the Sun.

The Mark of Gideon, that which survives,

the Way to Eden, onward one strives,

All of your Yesterdays, Minders of Cloud,

who mourns for Adonais, Elegy Aloud.

Where Vulcan’s Ne’er Dwell,

a Phalanx of reasons,

the Sentinel of the Citadel,

A Man for Four Seasons.